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Howdy! I’m a baby stripper, only been in the job since december so i’m really new to the scene. I’m so glad i started working at a gentleman’s club, ive never had so much fun in my life, and i never thought i’d find a use for my pole work skills!

that’s besides the point though!

since im pretty new to the scene, a lot has been overwhelming, not just physically, but emotionally too, along with rules and regulations and such.

last weekend i had 2 extremely awkward encounters. Firstly, my best friends DAD came in, i really dont know if he recognised me or not but he kept smirking at me and stuff like that, i tried to just ignore him but i sure as hell felt a little weird. i definitely cringed a few times tok 💀 Secondly, a professor from my university came in, luckily i don’t have him for any lectures as hes in the english department. he asked the bouncer to have me visit him at his table and asked me for a private lap dance, greeting me by name when i came over. i obliged to all events, mainly because it’s all part of my job, but i also was unsure whether i could refuse to be on the pole while he was there or not? i didn’t know so i just carried on with the whole thing.

1. what do i do/how do i deal with situations like the first one?

2. can he get in trouble for what he did? could i have refused to be on stage? how do i deal with this in the future?

any response is helpful unless negative or toxic - just looking for advice and support!!

(posted in a couple categories, wasn’t sure which!)
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Hold on, I'll send help


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