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Hi! So I have received offers from these uni’s to study a postgraduate degree in Comparative Literature (or similar) and as I am not from the UK I was wondering what the big differences are between these uni’s and where should I go?
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I can get you started with location. KCL is of course in London. If you love a big city, KCL is the one. London is a much larger city than both Bristol and Durham, so yes will have more to do, but remember accommodation and cost of living will be much more expensive in London. Next is Bristol- has some green spaces, and a harbourside area. Bristol is still suprisingly expensive though (according to a med student I met there who lived in London before that!). I’ve never been to Durham, but I’ve been to Newcastle which is nearby. The North East is different to the south- supposedly has the people friendliest in the UK, and also much cheaper. Also Durham as a uni is quite traditional. Personally, I plan on firming Newcastle, so it would be fair to say I like it, even after only two days visiting!

This is really only brushing the surface, but will hopefully get you started. You are likely best doing lots of research into each city and course, and then asking more specific questions on here that arise from your research.

(Also, any opinions are my own- not to be mistaken for facts!)

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