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I have 2 main modules left for this year.
both which require equal amount of time.
I was thinking should i do alternate days
Mon - mod 1
tues - mod 2
etc etc.

or do half of each module PER DAY.

What does everyone else think and what would you do, and why?
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When I had 2 modules I usually studied both the same day, ie one in the morning and one in the afternoon, as I would get so bored of the same topic if I did only 1 per day.

I usually did something like:

Mon: Module 1 & 2 (morning / afternoon, or early morning / late morning, etc)
Tues: Module 1 & 2
Wed: Which ever module I was struggling with and/or had more work needing done / extra prep for a TMA or exam
Thurs: Module 1 & 2
Fri: The opposite module I did on the wednesday or following the same theory of which needs extra work

(The mon-friday can obviously be replaced with other days, eg I had work on thursdays so I would study friday through monday and have tuesday off, and also have some saturdays off and make up for it on other weekdays.

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