Why does everything feel hazy? Watch

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Everything feels hazy and far away like I'm dreaming. I've been having trouble concentrating because my head feels so cloudy.

I've been getting waves of anxiety out of the blue as well. I'll just be reading or doing work when I'll suddenly feel really anxious, fidgety, and find it hard to breathe like I've been forced into a small stuffy room.

Other than the anxiety, my emotions have been really flat. I wouldn't say that I feel no emotions, it's more so that they seem muted if that makes sense? I have plenty to be excited about but I'm just not feeling much of it.

I've also been having really vivid dreams and waking up exhausted in the morning. The fuzzy, haziness is usually worse in the mornings too.

This has happened multiple times before and last time, a couple months ago, it lasted about 2 weeks. I just want to know what's wrong with me and work my way from there.
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I think the best advice I can give you is to see your GP- they are the professionals after all.

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