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So I’ve got an offer from kings to study biomedical science but I’m unsure if I want to firm it. I was wondering what’s it like socially. is it racially diverse? Easy to make friends in halls? Should I consider intercollegiate halls?

I want to go somewhere where I know I won’t feel alone or like an outcast. Would that be the case if I was to go. I’m fairly outgoing my self but I’m just not sure how it would all pan out for me
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Social life is ****ing awful, but with that being said the intercollegiate halls will help your social life massively. I find UCL, QMUL students to be the most socially active while Imperial, KCL and LSE are just dog****e boring *****.

I'd recommend Nutford House or Garden Halls or Urbanest Tower Bridge for sociability. Angel lane seems to be decent too.
Worst for social life is probably GDS, Urbanest Westminster Bridge.

The amount of internationals will be cool at first but then you realise it's hardly diverse due to majority of students being Chinese or Indian.

You'll find a large majority of students being fresh off the boat Chinese/Indian/Eastern European, who won't socialise outside their race and struggle to speak english (they've used google translate to try and speak english + get told my accent is "too British". Can't blame them because if I moved countries I'd be scared and homesick. If you've never been to London before, please don't let this represent our city. It's largely integrated and multicultural.

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