How easy is it to teach yourself Alevel Further Maths Watch

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I'm currently doing my A levels at sixth form but I really don't enjoy it, I was thinking of switching to a college that one of my friends went to for my second year but they don't provide a Further Maths course. Would I be able to teach myself A2 while studying 2 other courses at college?
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It depends, I know 2 people who self taught themselves further maths, one did the whole AS/A2 in yr13 and took the exams with the rest of their a-levels, the other self taught themself largely over the summer holidays before uni because they needed to know the content but never took the exam.
So short answer, yeah it's possible BUT
how much do you like maths? do you find yourself struggling? would you be able to get any help from your regular maths teachers at all? not like lessons but could you ask, you might want to think about getting a tutor, not so much to teach you things, but to help with anything you really struggle with.
HOw much free time do you have? You will need to be pretty self motivated and on it to make sure you actually cover everything you need, make sure you can enter yourself for the exams too.
Also you're quite far through the school year- how will changing colleges affect your other a-levels, will you just be able to pick off where you left off? It's a shame you're not enjoying it, but is it worth it to change/?

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