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I have received offer to study Liberal Arts (English literature as major) as an undergraduate at Durham (Trevelyan College), Exeter, Birmingham, Leeds & Bristol. Apart from English literature I would like to study Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, IR, Creative writing, classics & Visual Arts as an optional module. Session start- Sep,2020
I am from India and bit shy in nature.
Can't visit the universities in open days.
Making the biggest decision of my life.Appreciate your suggestion to select the best university for undergraduate.
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Rather late reply but hopefully still of some help.

Of those on your list, Durham has the strongest English literature undergraduate program, although I don’t know how it compares in the other subjects in which you are interested. Durham is a really small (but beautiful) town. This may seem like a disadvantage but I think this, combined with the college system, results in very active student-led clubs and societies.

Anecdote time. (Background: my daughter is an international student who had applied for English literature.) The deputy-head of the Arts faculty, who is a big proponent of the liberal arts program, visited our city as part of a “university fair” for prospective students. At that stage my daughter had her offer from Durham and was about 95% sure it would be her firm choice but was rather nervous about heading off overseas to a place where she knew no-one. He spent a lot of time time chatting with her and gently selling Durham and telling her she would settle in quickly. He even put her in contact with a former student from the same place we live. He really needn’t have gone to so much trouble but as a parent, I really appreciated the time he spent, as did my daughter.

Overall she seems to be really happy at Durham, both socially and academically.

P.S. Trevelyan though? Terrible place! Trevs tried to drain the lake of my daughter’s college or steal it or something. She wasn’t really sure except to know that they are mortal enemies. Seriously though, I think you’d end up being very happy there. The college system seems to be a great way to meet people and build up a social circle quickly in your first year.

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