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My bf (**** I guess he's my ex now) broke up on Tuesday. It was mutual, we still love each other, we had a last kiss but we knew it was for the best to go our separate ways. I'm just so broken at the moment, I have been crying most days, everything reminds me of him - have barely said a word to anyone at school or my parents. I have deleted most social media because the thought of Valentines Day sets a hit in my stomach. I'm really finding it hard to move on, I know it hasn't been long but I'm really struggling.

Anyone have any advice / gone through the process? Anyway, this turned into a bit of a rant! Sorry
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Ah sorry to hear that!
Advice would be to see some friends, watch/do something that will distract you and cheer you up.
I know wallowing is all you will want to do, but it will not make you feel better at all!
Unfortunately, and as cliché as it is, time is the best healer. It will get easier as time passes and you will look back on the time you spent together with a smile but know that it ended for the best.
Hope things improve for you soon
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I think how you're feeling now is very healthy, experiencing your emotions at there realest level.

Don't forget to rationalise them so you can move on and don't end up lingering in a state of sadness.

What I mean by rationalising them is looking for the logic within the feeling, you should reach this stage after a certain period of feeling sad because usually the emotion dissipates and you start seeing things in a more level headed fashion.

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