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In my first semester of 3rd year, my I had high motivation to do well since 2nd year was a terrible year for me and I need to make up for it this year. I was on top of everything, even going above and beyond with work/revision and even making time for socialising, I got high grades, higher than ever in the time I've been in education. Now I'm in my 2nd/final semester my motivation is non existent, even though I have even more work to do now than last semester with a bunch of deadlines coming up. I don't know what happened or how to get myself back to the motivation I had.
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This happened to me too and i started ruining the image my teachers had of me. My friends started annoying me by constantly telling me that i'm not working..i'm ruining my work...exams coming and i'm gonna ruin my life blah blah and hence the teachers started complaining too and some of the jealoused people in my class began to bug me indirectly..So well in my case the negativity,complaints helped me get back my motivation.

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