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Got offers from all four for BSc Psychology, waiting on Birmingham, which one do you consider the best for Psych?
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(Original post by Ariba124)
Got offers from all four for BSc Psychology, waiting on Birmingham, which one do you consider the best for Psych?
Hey there!
Congratulations on your offer to study at Kent
It can be difficult for someone to give you a definitive ranking of these universities to help you decide. A good way to help you get an idea of which university you'd like to go to is to take a look at the course structure at each university, and see which one has modules/methods of assessment that appeal to you the most Also, if you get the chance, I'd really recommend visiting these universities/cities to get a feel for student life there, first hand. The thing that really drew me to Kent was the campus and I'm so pleased I took the time to visit it before deciding which university to go to! You can see the upcoming open days, applicant days and other opportunities to visit Kent on their website.
Also, the University of Kent have an online programme called Unibuddy where prospective students like yourself can chat to current students studying the same subject, so you can get the opinion of a student on the course This could be a good way to see if psychology at Kent appeals to you. Here is the link in case you're interested.
I'm currently in my final year at Kent and I'm an official rep for them on TSR so if you have any questions about life at Kent then please feel free to ask!
I hope that this helps a bit even though I don't know much about the other universities you're applying too, hopefully this will help you decide which one is right for you

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