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Hi, I am a LLB student and thinking to continue further studies on MSc Real Estate. I am concerned about that I am not able to cope with it because I have no basis of the particular subject. I am here to look for suggestions and university recommendation. Your reply is much appreciated !!
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In terms of London, LSE, UCL and Cass are good Masters degree for real estate.
Reading (Henley) is also quite famous.
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I am currently studying a Masters at the Henley Business School, University of Reading, and highly recommend it. There are roughly 200 students doing MSc Real Estate (average age is 21-28) all from different academic backgrounds and universities (many come from top Russell groups such as Exeter and Durham and have studied anything from Geography, Law to Sports Science). Before the degree starts, they will provide reading so you gain some basic understanding and the first few lectures are like a-level economics or maths to make sure everyone is on the same page. Most of us work together in the library and help each other out if we do not understand (you can request to live in Halls with people doing the same MSc course which is helpful to make friends). Assessment wise it is a mixture of presentations, essays and a lot of summer exams. During job application deadlines, Oct-Dec, the university reduces its assessments to give you time to do job applications which I found extremely helpful.

In terms of the Henley Business School its links with the Real Estate industry are very strong. Most of the top companies will recruit Reading RE students. There's also a charity called Reading Real Estate Foundation (RREF) and every Tuesday companies (Savills, Knight Frank, JLL etc) will come to present industry talks and after there are networking opportunities. This is a really valuable way to gain commercial awareness and contacts. Also, we can apply for a mentor who works in the industry and can provide job and application advice (many people get work experience this way). Lastly, we have an amazing careers advisor, Jane, who can prepare you for interviews, online tests, and check your CV and Cover Letter (she is literally incredible and knows everyone!).

I would like to point out RE is very competitive and very social. I would recommend gaining as much work experience in the industry as you can (it can even be in similar fields such as construction, finance and urban planning) and attend all the networking and social events that the university or students host.

*I have heard through the grapevine that Cass is more maths based than Reading and so harder.

Hope this helps.

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