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I have received an unconditional offer at Cardiff university to study law and criminology starting next September. I want to accept this offer because it’s a much better uni for this subject than the other unis I applied for, and it’s a lot closer to home. However the exam vs coursework ratio is substantially higher. Online it states an average of 70-80% exams per year, whereas the other unis are 50% exams. I don’t want to be stressed out with so much of my degree riding on exams. So what I’d like to know is how do the exams work-law exams specifically but also criminology. Could anyone give me a breakdown of exams? I’ve heard you can bring your notes into exams and are told the questions beforehand. And that a lot of the law exams are made up of multiple choice. But I feel like this isn’t the full story so I just want to be sure before I make my decision
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