Family continue to question that I'm lonely

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Once again..a particular member of my family questions that I'm lonely. The reasons:
1. I live in a private accommodation and don't see my house-mates.
2. On the weekends I stay at my relatives house and sometimes watch TV in the other room whilst everyone else is in a different room.
3. I have no "real" friends in university and therefore have no social life.

My family member called me to somewhat complain/or argue that I'm always alone and that I should integrate with people.
But the the thing is they're are acting like I don't do this already.

1. It's not my fault that the people I am living in my accommodation are not interactive nor there.

2. When I'm at my relatives house I don't isolate myself, I always engage with my other relatives, we talk, we laugh, we do things together etc. I don't just wake up to stay in one room for the whole weekend. I'm active with the others. There are times where I prefer to stay in a different room simply because I want to catch up my latest TV shows and sit comfortably. Whereas, in the other room there isn't much seating place and don't fancy being squished up on a couch filled with like 5 people, that can barely take 3.

3. Not having friends in uni was not a choice nor decision but my unfortunate reality. However, to say I have no friends is insulting because I do have friends. OUTSIDE of uni. My college friends that I still keep in contact till this day and even met up with one of them (my closest one) during the Christmas holidays last year. So what, if I have no real friends in uni. I have acquaintances which is better than none. Although I do feel the loss of connection with them...

Overall. I just want some advice.. why do they feel it's right to tell me this all the time??? If it's not bothering me then why is it such an issue? I don't feel lonely. And that's what my family need to consider.
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They have no right to tell you how to live your life. I guess they are trying to be considerate and make sure that you aren't depressed or something worse, but there is a line between being concerned and then just being too pesky. It seems in your case they have crossed that line. Perhaps a short conversation to explain that you are happy and that things are going well. If this doesn't do the trick, just avoid talking to them as much as possible.

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