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Hi, Im a bit embarrassed to write about this but I just want to see if anyone else feels this way or if I am just weird. Basically my 18th birthday is in 3 weeks and I am dreading it. I missed a lot of my early teen years because I had to have two double hip replacements which left me in a wheelchair from the age of 11 to 15, I watched all the other kids have fun and go out whilst I was stuck in a hospital bed in my front room for about a year and a half of that. I can walk now and do a lot more stuff then I ever thought I would (especially as I was never meant to walk again), I can run and do certain sports, although sometimes I do still feel like a 70 year old posing as a 17 year old. I feel like because I missed up on so much I need to ‘catch up’ so I avoid anything which makes me feel like an adult because I’m not ready. I have never had a relationship, a first kiss etc... , I’ve never sworn or drunk alcohol,I don’t want to learn to drive etc... I’ve always been scared of growing up I remember crying when I turned 10, but I think the time I missed out on made this worse. I’ve probably made myself sound really immature, but I am also too mature my mum says I’m a mixture of a 50 year old and a 5 year old 😂. I had a close friend group of about 7 people with 4 really close friends (so close I considered them family), we were all friends for about 8 years, then about 6 months ago they all got boyfriends and only wanted to hang out with friends if it meant they could get hammered. Because i wouldn’t get drunk as well, I’ve been cut out. I haven’t spoken to or received any messages from them since and any efforts to arrange something is ignored or they make up some transparent excuse (or most likely they will agree and then cancel 10 minutes before they were meant to be there). I keep seeing everyone post on their stories on snapchat pictures of them with their friends celebrating their 18th birthdays, it looks like I’m going to be alone on mine which only makes me feel more anxious. What can I do to stop being frightened of this landmark?
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1. Please use eyes!

2. There's no need to be worried / scared! Trust me, turning 18 isn't much different from turning any other age to be honest. Sure you're now technically a 'young adult' and all, but don't fret over it.

I'm sorry to hear what you've gone through, I can sympathise with the medical/health issues' aspect. But you can work to enjoy these next few years now! Don't feel you have to compete with anyone else. Everyone's on their own journey

3. What can you do to "stop being frightened", stop thinking of it as this crazy change / event and instead think of it as a blessing & a new chapter! Have fun with your family, go out and enjoy yourself OR just stay in with your favourite movie and some popcorn -- it's up to you

Good luck!
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