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Hello, i'm about to finish my 3 year degree and i'm pretty clueless on what to do next. I started looking into PGCE's and quite like the idea of being a primary school teacher.

Problem is, I suffer from pretty severe anxiety, standing up and talking to a group of people is a literal nightmare for me - not so much the thought of doing it but the fear of a panic attack which turns me into a stuttering and shaking mess. I also have a general anxiety which does make little things a struggle... I'm not the best verbally, I often muddle up words and generally botch up conversations.

I do have an ability to relate with young people and seem to become the favourite pretty quick. I have been spending some time explaining math problems to my little cuz and find it fulfilling.

If I could get my stuff together and perform the job to a decent standard in a way that wasn't mentally detrimental then I think it would be a great job for me.

The only other person to person role i've had was working in a call centre, the first few weeks were almost hell but I got used too it eventually to the point it wasn't an issue - but it was on the phone not face 2 face.

I've read a lot about the stress of teaching and the amount of people leaving teaching due to stress so i'm not sure if this is a recipe for disaster or an effective exposure therapy for me...

Has anybody else had severe anxiety or stage fright problems and gone into teaching regardless? How did that work out?
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Hi AvSpeedCheck, I understand you worries as there has much about the stresses of the profession in media. However, I would like to think that this varies and gets better with time. Organisation is key as is time management, as i am sure you already know.

My advice would be to gain some school experience and see first-hand what the role of the teacher is. Do try to gain as much school experience in as many different primary schools as you won't believe how different two schools, a mile apart, can be.
Ask the schools whether they have any school-led teacher training courses, as if you do find one you feel comfortable with, it may be an idea to train with them.

Support from both mentors in schools, and universities will be critical and i would advise you look at this as a key point when deciding. I have known students to get assistance with various aspects of the course, which has led to a huge reduction in anxiety. There should be official members of universities who help with this and so maybe having a chat with them at any potential provider you may apply to.

Try to get into schools for now and see for yourself how it makes you feel. Be upfront with your feelings about standing in front of a group of children, and i am sure those showing you around will be able to relate. You can get help from us by going to the Get Into teaching website (https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/) and getting a personal advisor who will support you throughout your application starting from today. I hope that helps.


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