Girl I'm speaking to is interested, but very short blunt answers.

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I'm really confused by this girl that I've been talking to. We've been talking for about a week and have been talking everyday about a range of things, we even met up earlier on in the week and it went really well.

However, the big problem that I'm having is that when talking over text, I always have to initiate every conversation with something to talk about. She regularly responds to the things that I am saying, but it's always short answers like "haha cool" or "ah fair" or "Idk haha".

It's incredibly frustrating as I'm trying to talk to her about many different topics, and even leave space for her with open questions to talk about herself, but she always seems to just answer it very short and blunt.

She sent me a short answer today and I decided to ignore it and wait for her to initiate the conversation again, and she messaged me saying "hey", so it seems she wants to talk, but she wants me to do all of the work of the conversation. I'm really not sure what to do here, because I like her, but I'm really starting to lose interest in talking to her, if the only responses I get back are short ones with nothing to add to the one-sided conversation we're having.
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some people are just not big on texting really. i mean i love it but i have a friend who is like this, she always keeps it short and sweet and when i ask her why she says its because she HATES texting and would much rather i call her and have a several hour long lengthy chat. actually theres a few guys who have been like this too. they are either one way or the other. don't take it personally, anything you want to ask her just ask her when you meet up or call her.

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