everyone close to me has a mental health problem

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i think bare 3 ppl i know, all my close friends have issues.. depression, bulimia, self-harm. and theyre masters of coveringit all up
and out of my school friends (girls grammar oh lord) its quite literally the majority of ppl. I know maybe 1 person w/out it.
I feel like im in such a minority and i think everyone tells me abt their issues bc I dont judge ppl and listen well (some ppl whine on and on to everyone bc theyre struggling, which if im honest start to take the p*ss) but the majority of others just might tell me and no one else and we have these conversations once every 4-6months or so. I dont mind but its hit me all at once now and i dont think any of this is right. I dont want my friends to be sad.
I dont know how i should react, im always quite calm bc i dont want my friends to feel like i view them differently. But i also feel like I dont want to normalise this and I dont know how empathetic I come acrosss bc honestly im very blunt (I feel like at this point I feel sad for them but genuinely the conversations are kept very objective.
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Look into ALGEE for Mental Health First Aid;

A ssess for risk of suicide or harm
L isten nonjudgmentally
G ive reassurance and information
E ncourage appropriate professional help
E ncourage self-help and other support strategies

Support them towards referrals to get professional help. It's not good being a well that people fill up with their problems - try and help them do something about it. It's not normal for others to lean on you with their secretive mental health issues, you will feel the burden at some point.

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