Please help me understand this girl

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In October I went on a few dates with this really nice girl. We have mutual friends and I got on really well with her. It was intimate and I felt something. She began to long off my messages, I heard she was really busy and stressed with uni stuff (we’re both masters). Eventually she took so long to reply I just assumed I’d been ghosted. She got back to me and we tried to rearrange something but eventually she just said she’s too busy etc and hope we can still be friends. I don’t think she was quite over her ex too. I was a bit sad but I got over it.

The other night I went out with friends and I knew she was out too but made nothing of it. Anyway she spent the whole night trying to get me to make a move on her using a good mate as a wingman. Hung around all night and even followed me to the next club, using my mate to pass compliments to me. I had dropped that night so intimacy was out of the question which I did manage to explain to her albeit in a euphoric very high way. I felt under so much pressure to make a move yet questioned this as she was the one called it off! Apparently she thinks I don’t like her which is untrue.

Either way I text her, as per advised, the next day and she said she’s keen to get a drink. However, her response time is slipping into days like last time. Is she keen? Or am I being taken for a fool? From what I gather she’s a very nice girl and good friends with some of mine but she seems awkward and indecisive.

Please help!

And cheers
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Obviously only she knows, but my guess as a girl is that she was drunk and just wanted attention.
I also texted a guy the way you describe she texted you, and I wasn't interested. I thought he was nice and everything, but ultimately I couldn't see it going anywhere. But if I were to see him in a club, I'd also want his attention - just to make me feel "desired" in a way. It's weird, I know

My guess is that she isn't really interested in you, but that she was just drunk and maybe wanted to feel good about herself by getting you to giver her attention. That's my understanding at least

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