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So not sure whether to firm Durham or Manchester for Law.

League table wise Durham is better but i want a good nightlife and some good fun whilst at uni and am hesitant that Durham is gonna be quite dull compared to Mancs? Also, do people sleep around? I've heard rumours about this- obviously not the most important factor but still....

Can anyone at Durham give me a breakdown of what nightlife is like at Durham, what happens on a night out etc?

I'm a guy if that matters? Just want a good social experience as well as uni and am reluctant to sacrifice Durham for Manchester but am prepared to if its not as social as i would like.
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I'm a Durham applicant and not actually going, but I'll be as helpful as possible.

Durham's nightlife probably isn't as good as Manchester. It's home to a load of nice pubs, college bars, and a few clubs (including Europe's worst - is obviously an incentive for going). Many of the sports clubs and societies hold socials throughout the week which I'm told are quite a large part of the social scene at Durham. It is, however, only a 12 minute train to Newcastle and many students make the pilgrimage for nights out (if your clubbing requirements aren't met).

Durham itself is very social in other respects. The university promotes a balanced lifestyle and is very considerate about its students' social lives as well as academic ones.

Hope I could be of some help

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