Losing body fat and maintaining muscle

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I’ve been bulking at the gym for a few months now. I am 6 ft 3, started at around 70kg and am now around 82kg and have noticed I have become more toned and can see muscle growing but I have also gone from about 14% body fat to 22% and I am now looking a bit skinny fat. I have been eating clean and just over my daily calorie intake. Sometimes under or maintenance depending on the day.

I do cardio a few times a week, mainly swimming and HiiT running. I also do ab exercises most days.

I’m looking for some insight in to how I can get my body fat back down to 14/15% to show my ab definition again but without losing all the muscle I have gained from bulking.

If I continue to lift most days and have a calorie deficit will I still maintain muscle or will it be pointless completely and will I lose all muscle I’ve gained from attempting to lower my body fat.
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It's an annoying one, and why most people go round in circles in the gym. The basic idea of a bulking plan is to put on a lot of muscle quickly. Putting on this amount of muscle in this short space of time it will not be what is considered "lean muscle" which takes probably 5 X the length of time to achieve at the same volume, therefor by definition you probably are putting on a lot of fat as well as muscle simultaneously, and there is not really anyway to avoid this, unless you want to wait much longer.
If you can handle the extra pounds for now, IMO you're best to take on a cut - bulk cycle and just keep up the calorie surplus, pack on muscle and then do a straight cut in a couple of months. You're guaranteed to lose hella muscle as well as fat, but the point is you will still have more muscle than when you started .

It's a struggle to find that balance of muscly and lean - not because it's only maintainable through "steroids" or anything like that, but just because it takes A LOT of patience which a lot of us (including myself) don't have - especially when your working really hard and seeing minimal results.

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