What could I be doing wrong?

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It really confused me, and I do not know what I am doing wrong. Let's say, actually for example a few months ago I was talking to this guy in my class for about two months (purely friendly) and in school we would say "hi", but then he slowly started ignoring me in hallways, to the point where he would just walk right past me, so I moved on. And the same thing always seems to happen to me, when I go out with friends, no guy takes notice of me at all. Sometimes it feels like I'm just thin air to them, I don't know what I am doing wrong. And I get even more confused if I only have friendly intentions and they know that. I'm an extrovert and I try to socialise with people when needed. I take care of my appearance and I work out very regularly. But for some reason I can't keep the attention of any guy either they just ignore me after us talking for a pretty long time or ignore my presence altogether. just yesterday I was talking to this guy about his hobby in boxing and the next day I smiled to say "hello" when I saw him and he just faked a smile and walked off... I'm so confused as to what I am doing wrong... or am I just boring but don't know it
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if the people are that shallow your better of not knowing them, guy like me find it hard to talk to girls/lady's always thinking did that sound dumb or over thinking things like did I really listen to her or was I look at her ass or other places she she only talking to me as a dare

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