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Hey, can someone explain these? For a test...

I know most of these but I want a good detail explanation.

I can define and distinguish between atoms, elements, compounds, mixtures, lattice, and molecules.

I can interpret and draw particle diagrams that display atoms, elements, compounds, molecules and mixtures.

I can explain why mixtures can be separated by physical means, whereas the atoms of a compound can not.

I can determine chemical formulae based on particle diagrams for simple molecules and compounds.
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Atom: Smallest particle you can divide an element into whilst retaining that element's properties.
Element: A substance made up of only one type of atom. Found on the periodic table.
Compound: Substance made up of two or more different elements chemically bonded together. Has different properties to each of the individual constituent elements.
Mixture: Two or more elements or compounds physically but not chemically combined. Does not require chemical methods to separate constituents. Each element or compound retains its usual properties.
Molecule: Can be an element or compound. Must contain at least two atoms covalently bonded to one another. I molecule of a compound, then it is the smallest 'piece' of that compound that it is possible to have. Examples of molecules include diatomic halogens, oxygen, and nitrogen (elemental molecules). Molecules of compounds include carbon dioxide, and methane.
Lattice: Structure of ionic compounds (giant ionic lattice), and some covalent compounds (molecular lattice).

Mixtures can be separated by physical means because there are no chemical bonds between the elements/compounds which make them up. Compounds have chemical bonds between atoms or ions, so can't.

What year are you in?

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