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So in a bit of a muddle. I'm Scottish and my first choice uni is in England. I'm looking into finance and have realised I still need to apply to SAAS as I'm Scottish and live here currently.

I know I can apply to SAAS for a loan to cover the tuition, but I'm concerned about maintenance. I dropped out of uni in 2018, at which point I had to be classed as dependent despite not living with my parents and supporting myself financially as I hadn't been doing so for 3 years yet. I emailed asking what my loan would be this year, and was told I'd still only be eligible for the £4750 as I received funding 2 years ago from full time education.

£4750 doesn't even cover accommodation, never mind things like food on top. Is there no additional support for students moving away, especially considering had I been English I'd be getting upwards of £10k in maintenance? I'm hoping to study in London, but I might have to settle for another choice since there's no hope in hell I can afford it all despite working full time for the past 2 years.

I've looked at scholarships and the like, and while I'm eligible for several, I wouldn't be able to apply unless I'd firmed my choice, which means 1) committing to something I don't know if I can afford, and 2) throwing away the unconditional to the Scottish uni I'd go to instead.

Any advice is very much welcomed, thanks.

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