Am I overthinking?

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Today me and one of my girl friends went out to meet a group of boys that we are both mates with. She is closer with them then I am but I still get along with the majority of them. Yesterday we went out with 2 other girls and 4 of boys (some of which that were going today) and we had such a good time and just hung out with each other for the day. However, today this other girl who me and my friend don’t get along with at all was going and we decided to go anyway and not let her ruin our day, this has happened before. Anyway so we got to the house and everyone (including the girl) was already there and were sat by the upstairs window. One of the boys opened the window and shouted down and we said hey can u let us in. Basically they refused to let us in even thought they had invited us out and asked us to meet them. We stood in the cold below them asking why they wouldn’t let us in and they were all laughing and taking the piss. The girl was sat by the window laughing and glaring at us. I am quite a stubborn person so refused to beg them to let me in so me and my friend just walked away. What should I do because I am good friends with a lot of people that were there but not a single one thought to come let us in or text or apologise at all. Should i be pissed off with them or am I just overthinking it?
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It's alright to be pissed for a bit — they were probably manipulated into thinking that all of this is a joke and that this girl is friends with you and that this is okay with you — probably why they never said anything. It's not okay if it pisses people off...

Rule your life the way you want to, but don't let your mind be clouded with hatred for this biatch — she's not worth your attention. You're not overthinking it, and it's okay to be pissed. Do what you think would put your own personal anxiety at rest 💕

Sometimes that means, just walk away from the girl until your friends realise she's a witch I guess.

Good luck x

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