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I'm a 22 yo girl, been in a relationship for 2 years, he was my first. But the excitement has almost completely died down between us, feel like my sexy days are over even though im still young. But get no urges anymore, don't feel like dressing sexy, don't have girlfriends to go out with, have bad depression so everything is an effort anyway. But really worried my bf is getting super bored of me, i try sometimes wearing different things but get no reactions or compliments he has no interest. Tried to suggest more fun things to do in bed etc but he's unenthusiastic. Think we get bored being around each other at home, but we never really 'go out' or socialise with people together. or have fun. Seems like he never looks at me and it's depressing having to try so hard and get nothing.Feel silly making any effort now and i've never felt less sexy in my life. Self esteem=0 lot but when I was single never felt this way as my dating life was positive and active.

I'm too depressed to enjoy anything on my own, and obviously wont look for it elsewhere as im committed. Before men used to approach me a lot but now dont even look twice. And random attractive women seem like threats and i get jealous but know this isn't right.

What else can be done?
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Hi there. I'm sorry that it's gotten to this point. Have you told him how you feel? If there's a reason behind why he's acting this way, it's best to find out by just being direct and asking him. Any good relationship thrives on communicating issues and being honest with each other, so the only real way to see if there's anything that can be done is to bring it up to him.

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