Tips for first time having sex (Guy)

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Picture the scene:

Your mate is pulling a solid 7.5/10 at your local pryzm, they’re digging eachover getting frisky, they suddenly leave the club, get a taxi and go home to their 9 person per floor accommodation to presumably have a night of mediocre sex which is going to be the talk of Claire and Billy no mates in the other rooms on the left and right. You suddenly realise however that the mate you’ve been spurring on all evening to get with this bird is *dun dun dun* a virgin!

You think to yourself “what should I have warned him/advised him on before doing the deed!”

(Secretly a virgin and just need advice but thought I’d spice it up a bit)
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Maybe tell him you a virgin before having sex so he has an understanding and more consideration when you guys actually have sex
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There's a lot that I'd say to them that I can't say on this child friendly forum.

The theme of it, would be that good love making is as close to porn as effective hand to hand combat is to wrestling.
Put your partner's pleasure ahead of yours. In that way you're more likely to leave a good impression on her.
Do plenty of Google research on it. There aren't any books at the moment that I'd particularly recommend they read and take notice of.
There's a lot more to making love well than putting your penis inside an orifice.
How you imagine sex to be and how it actually is will probably be 2 different things. It's one of those things that you have to do yourself to understand what it's like.

Your attitude is important. Don't be selfish. And never think you know it all. Aim to learn and improve all the time.

Also part of having the right attitude is NOT treating women as status symbols, where the more attractive to look at, the better she is as a symbol. As long as she is attractive enough for you to want to make love with her, then that is good enough and forget about giving her marks out of 10 or comparing her looks (alone) to other women. Any person is a package. Looks, character, personality, key areas where they are compatible or incompatible with A N Other person, including sexual compatability. It will take from 1 to 50 love making sessions to determine if you are sexually compatible with someone.

A common mistake that virgins make is to spend too long in a relationship with the first person that they make love with. Because they lack the references and the experience to realise that there is no happy long term future with their first lover.
Acting in an immature / controlling / intolerant / making mountains out of molehills ways is also common for virgins.
All of these mistakes are OK. It's a part of growing up.

One final thing. You will get a lot of bad advice on making love from friends, family, watching movies, books, the internet, your own imagination. Mixed in with that will be some good advice or ideas.

As an example, my older brother advised me to go for the less good looking girls when I was a virgin. "Because they're easier". It took me a few years to realise that this was awful advice. Since then I've done the opposite to what he advised.

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