HELP! 2nd Year Optometry stuck on next step in career

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Hello, I need some advice about my next step in my Optometry education. I plan to live and work in Canada or Europe (mostly where optometry is a good career). I am not sure if i should do Masters after my Bachelor of Science in Optom (in 2nd year studying) or if I should apply for a bridging programme to get me to an OD career. I have my eye on the International Briding Programme at Waterloo, but i have to train and work as an optom first for experience and also costs are so high. I wish I had a way to transition in Canada with my Bach of Optom to do and OD or masters degree for a reasonable cost and then work and reside there. Now im stuck in Europe, with this degree I will get that is European acknowledged but i dont know where to go? Another idea I have is to study Masters in Norway and possibly work there instead of Canada. Any ideas on how to make my dreams come true? I want to earn a prestigious Optometry career, similar to OD (idk if Masters in Clinical Optometry is equivalent to this..) I would realllllly appreciate any advice from international-optometry students!!!!

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