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I am straight love woman.. but I have a strange curiosity of at least once having a man suck on my **** .. no I am no where in Any shape or form interested in dating a man or do I find them attractive in anyway it just a curiosity I have because I am always hearing guys do it better
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I'm bi and have received head from both sexes countless of times. I really can't deny that it's no contest - guys genuinely do give much better head. Even some bi-curious friends have given me bro-jobs when drunk and their first time giving head was way better. It's natural for men. As much as I love sleeping with women, most just don't know how to treat a prnis right, I'm afraid.

I've given a few bro-jobs to straight friends and much to their shame/regret, they admitted that it was on another level.

I imagine it's the same with lesbian sex. I read somewhere that when two women have sex, they generally have multiple orgasms. Apparently, lesbian sex is always good.

Same-sex sex always trounces over opposite-sex sex. Of course, you can't choose what sex you're attracted to, so someone who's totally straight most likely won't be turned on by the same sex and they shouldn't be forced to. But, all those that are the teeniest bit curious and open to trying, I would encourage you a 100%. You don't know what you're missing out from same-sex sex.
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You could try it if you were curious it wouldn’t determine your sexuality. And I am bi head from same sex is a lot better than the opposite sex I’m afraid unless of course the opposite sex has had ALOT of experience but it’s just a matter of being in the others shoes before you know. But obviously every person is different and this may not be true for them.

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