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Hi y'all,

I take Biology HL, and I deeply regret taking Bio HL as it is a tremendous amount of work. I am freaking out by the amount of revision that I have to do for test. I am 100% sure I will fail my mocks (I have my paper 1 and 2 on Wednesday). Could anybody give me any good tips for Bio revision? So far I've been using the smartprep flashcards, but they are more than 500 flashcards... Any tips or thoughts are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance
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I graduated high school with Bio HL in 2019. I got a 6.

I suggest you break things down chapter wise. It is very very essential you do this and not freak out. Since your mocks are so close don't freak out about that, just give it your best. Revise and study for your boards instead. In this short amount of time, though, you can use the revision guide. I used it the most for my revision, actually, I pretty much only used that guide for exams. Also, practice papers (for your boards and for mocks). Mark all the answers you get wrong and revise that topic again.

Even though flashcards are very helpful, 500 of them cannot be used in this short time. Just revise through your own notes, the guide and you'll be fine.

Also a tip for your boards:

1) Use the syllabus given by IB to revise for your exams and for each topic (in any science subject)

2)Make a separate list of all the experiments done by you and also the old experiments (for ex: Hershey and chase, don't miss any of them) We were asked about the Calvin Cycle experiments in the long answer, I didn't know jack about it.

3) Break syllabus into small bits and don't freak out!

Best of luck! If you need any more help, PM me
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