I lied about having a baby

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I am 18 my boyfriend is 21, I worked at a bar as an escort when I met him and at first I told him what I told all my clients that I was older and when they asked if I had a child I answered yes because of the picture of my niece I ended up falling in love with him and him with me and have met his family and they all think I have a baby I don’t know what to do I don’t want to lose him but I don’t want to come off as a liar. This man is the best and need help...... pls don’t judge I just wanted everything to be ok but it’s gone on to far where they want to meet her but I don’t live with the baby. What should I do?
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If you say you are older and have a child as some kind of protection for yourself, then that is what you should explain to your boyfriend. A relationship needs to be built on honesty and trust, so you have to clear this up as soon as possible by meeting him face-to-face to discuss it. Just make sure you meet somewhere that you will be safe, maybe even have a friend at a discrete distance to keep an eye on things, as there's no telling what the reaction will be.

A nice guy would understand you trying to look after yourself, but he may respond badly to being lied to in general, or even that there isn't a child when he wants one, even someone else's. He may say he wants to stay together but, if you try that, be careful that trust issues don't dominate or that your cover story doesn't get thrown back at you in any kind of emotional blackmail or used in a controlling way.

And if things don't work out this time, you need to decide how you would address this situation in future.

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