how can I make better my motivation letter? (Exchange Student)

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Currently I am studying web development and information systems in the second semester in (University Name). I started learning information technology and computer science when I was in the second year in a high school. After three years of high school I went to a special course which is called ‘Tekniskt fjärde år’ (technical fourth year) in Swedish to learn more advanced information technology and web development. While studying for a few years, I realized that I had dream of studying abroad. The programme which I chose is Erasmus + and I would like to study information systems. Studying abroad has a lot of benefits and there are a lot of reasons why I want to study in different country.

Firstly, studying abroad will give me a new perspective of the world and culture. I have been lived in three different countries in my life. I was born in South Korea and lived there until 9 years old and moved to Lithuania. Lived there about 6 years and finally moved to Sweden when I was 16 years. Now I’m 24. I have seen a lot of cultures, people in my life but I still think there are a lot of cultures which I don’t know. I’m always interested to learn new things and by meeting various people in a foreign country, I will be able to think of my life in different perspectives based on theirs’ cultures and lifestyles.

Secondly, studying abroad is not just a studying. I believe every country have different and unique styles of education. That means studying abroad gives a chance to learn something which you can’t in your country, and it can break the limit of knowledge. These knowledges can be both professional or unrelated to my professions, but they are both very important.

Lastly, exchange program is a great opportunity for my future career. I can learn a new language and make global friends and network of contacts. Globalization is one of the most important keywords nowadays in 21st century and experiences in a foreign country is a really important benefit.

Moving from home and study in another country is a very big adventure and it can be very risky too, but this golden experience never comes back after graduation. Whatever problem I meet, I’m sure my experience will help me handle it.

Thank you for your consideration and giving such a great opportunity.

This is how does my letter look like now. I don't think my letter is good and need to add something more or change but I don't know what.

I said to the company which will help me to find exchange location that I want to apply to multiple countries(Germany, Austria and maybe Czech Republic) and a lady who works in that company said I should focus WHY I WANT TO STUDY ABROAD instead of WHY I WANT THERE AND THERE(In this case Germany, Austria, Czech Republic).

What should I change in my letter and what should I add?

Name and my personal informations I will add when I'm finished with my letter.

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