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Hey guys 👋🏿
I’m new to this. All my life I’ve had a lazy eye and I just feel so left out of “the norm” and how you’re “supposed to look” it feels even worse when you watch a programme/film and they’re taking the piss. I got bullied all the way through school about it and now it feels I’ve started to take the piss out of myself. I’m scared to have eye contact with anyone coz let’s be honest.. they just take the piss. I just want advice on how to feel better on the situation I guess x
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Firstly people have no right to make fun or tease you for your lazy eye. No one is perfect and it is our diffrences that make us unique in our own way.Poeple that tease you forget that they are not perfect themselves and even if you think they are that just make them basic and boring. Looking differnt is cool , I persoanlly think you should embrace ur lazy eye and realize that yeah you may look different but that makes you even more beautiful and way more cooler. There are so many beautiful people out there that have lazy eyes , don't let stupid poeple bring down your self confidence and self asteam. Different is beautiful.

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