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Hi. Im looking at doing my masters in social work at uel and wanted some general feedback on the course and also am interested about placement. Has anybody done their MA there whilst living outside London? How does the placement work and how often are you in placement over the 3 years and how often are you in uni? Is it done over a block placement or just certain days of the week? Also most importantly what areas are you usually in for placement- do you find your own placement or do they get given out and are they ALL in East London?
Do you work a full day at placement like what are the general hours- I just need to consider my part time commitments along this
Thanks !!!!!!
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Hi I have!

First year term 1 we had uni 2x a week at UEL campus and then in Jan we started placement till June we also had uni but at Tavistock Trust, we also had placement 3x a week and got Thursdays off but had uni on Fridays. But on Thursday we had to spend time doing a baby observation.

Second year we are again at Tavi, uni on Monday then 4 days placement from October till May

Placement is allocated closet to home as can get but expected to travel max 1.5hrs to placement.

Placement is full day 9 to 5
University find placement for you
You also have to do like a CV and they send it out and placement will call for an interview which you have to pass

MA is only 2 years!
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