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When should I start revising and how long should I revise for each day and should I revise every single day? Thanks

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Hi there. This might not work for everyone, but usually what I do when I'm planning my revision is I designate topics (or sections of topics) instead of a certain number of hours. For me this just makes it a lot easier to track how much I've got done, and I get a better idea of when I'll finish all the content ready to do some full past papers. For example, I might set myself 2 small topics in a day, but 1 bigger one another day.

If you prefer the "hours" approach though, I wouldn't say more than 2, maybe 3 hours on a school night (if you are in school, I'm not sure what qualifications you're actually revising for...) because I don't know what your institution's policy is on still giving homework/extra work at the moment. I'd say really take advantage of your weekends at the moment, but don't just sit and revise, say, 6 hours straight. However many hours you do- I'd say it's up to how many you feel like doing right now- take plenty of breaks and spread it out over the day a little. Working in around 30-45 minute chunks is best for your concentration, with a 10 minute break.

For my GCSEs and A-Levels, I started revising properly around March and hammered it over the Easter holidays. Hope this helps!

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