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Only person I've ever had a relationship with is my family. They love me and I love them - that's it.

I've got friends but not really anyone close to me.

I know it's stupid to say this as I'm only a 16 year old guy... But everyone (and I mean everyone) in my form has got a girlfriend or boyfriend...

I'm honestly, without sounding too vain, good looking and of above average height with a decent build. I know it's not just about looks but nobody even looks at me or really takes notice of me at all. I like plenty of girls in my school but often they overlook me or don't even know I exist.

I just feel like I'll never have a partner or someone other than my family who likes me and my company.

Any advice...?
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There should be no shame in being single, you should embrace the time you have now being a single pringle.
Personally, a lot of these relationships that you are seeing now won't last for long.
Dont strive for what other people have, strive for what you need.
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Hey, I’m just going to be straight up so don’t mind yeh
1) your only 16 years old, at this age your emotions are everywhere as it is, especially in high school, it’s hard trying to fit in with “social norms” I guess. But don’t pressure yourself honestly, if you feel invisible, go and talk to people, make new friends, put yourself out of your comfort zone, because unless you do, you won’t get those experiences. You’ve got nothing to lose just be yourself. If you like a girl, go talk to her man.

As for those who have partners, trust me half of them will break up mid way through the year, so don’t stress your time will come. But like I said put yourself out of your comfort zone and start socialising with people.

Try not to compare yourself with others okay? Just be you! And your only 16 years old, trust me you have a whole life ahead of you outside of high school/college where you will meet new friends and girls who will be interested in you! 16 is always a strange age, but don’t stress honestly!

Top tips:

Be you
Go socialise
If you like a girl, don’t be afraid to talk to her
Remember, high school/college isn’t forever, there’s a whole other life waiting for you
Don’t compare yourself with others
Have fun! You will miss being 16 one day!

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