Ear piercing bump - no leakage

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Hi I got my earlobes pierced in June 2018. It was by body piercing needle and I had titanium ball capture rings put in. I noticed lumps developing at the back of the piercings as soon as they started healing and was cleaning them twice a day. I took out my ball capture rings 5 months after I had them pierced and switch to smaller, normal studs. There has been no pain or infections aside from the usual irritation after putting earrings in after having them out for a while. The hole has gotten smaller which I expected as the ball capture rings was thick however the bumps have still stayed. I have gotten sillicone disks on the backs of my piercing the beginning of this week and they have seemed to reduced in size slightly alongside consistant daily cleaning. For me there is no pain or heat, it is simply a cosmetic issue.
Do I have scarring ?
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It could be scarring, as scar tissue often forms in lumps, but will over time reduce is size/appearance. Another reason for bumps may be a store of fat within the ear lobe (natural, and will degrade over time) or spots (pus filled lumps) around or in the earlobe, which will clear up over time depending on how deep they are. Cleaning your piercings will usually help clean/soothe skin and will reduce any inflammation of tissue, and i especially recommend tea tree oil solutions. If you are seriously concerned, visit ear piercing salons/shops for the best advice! Hope that helps

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