Met my old college lecturer good or bad idea?

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I’m 19 now but he was my college lecturer when i was 17/18 i left college when i was 18 so i saw him quite often for 2 years fast forward a year after leaving college i randomly saw him when i was out with all my uni mates and he approached me asked how i was and just was in a way kinda flirting it was lowkey weird but wasn’t something i was that uncomfortable with, it just makes me think what was he thinking ab me when i was in his class a couple years ago and how i had no clue he looked at me like that. Thing is, is this even legal because my younger sister still goes college and he is her lecturer so it’s kinda weird idek is this a good or bad idea
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I don't think it's the worst idea ever, I guess a lot depends on his age maybe. It really depends how you feel , however it isn't illegal now as you aren't a student anymore so don't worry about that. I think people would probably have negative views towards it but that's inevitable in an ex student teacher things but I think it's way more casual at college. As long as you're happy and comfortable and safe then you should do what you think is right
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Around how old is he? Maybe he wasn't flirty but more laid back and casual cause you're out of schl now idk. The other day I ran into one of my teacher and she was super nice and much more casual (it's been like 3yrs, I'm surprised she still even remembered me 😅), whereas I remember her as a strict teacher 😂
But another day I ran into one of my favourite teacher on the train and I saw him see me and get a bit surprised but yet he straight up ignored me 😅😅 ... I wanted to say hi, but he was talking with his colleague, so I also pretended to not notice

Sad the strict teacher remembered me but my favourite teacher just... ☹😅

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