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Hi all,

Hope you are all well.

I was hoping forum members can share some advice in regards to my next career move.

To give you some background, I am a trainee chartered accountant in the UK. I have already time qualified with my training file completely signed off but just need to exam qualify, and the earliest this can be done by is August 2020. This will mean I will be fully qualified by August 2020 if I pass the remaining exams.

My current issue is that last month I was told I was being made redundant and unfortunately there were no finance roles at my level in the business, that I could apply for. I was offered a non-finance role but decided to reject this, as I want to progress my career in finance. Given that the company I worked for is currently cutting costs, it means it's very unlikely a role at my level will come up soon if I decided to take the non-finance role short term to then move internally into a core finance function role. I therefore thought it was best in this case to take the redundancy and move on.

After taking the decision to leave the business, I am currently in a dilemma as to whether I should finish off the final three exams I have remaining, stay unemployed and then look for a role ? Or should I be securing a job as soon as possible as having a gap in my CV of 5 - 6 months, would work against me when applying for jobs later.

I can comfortably support myself financially over the coming months and my previous employer has covered all my study support fees.

I am trying to gauge how understanding hiring managers would view my situation and whether it would be a draw back. I know accountancy qualifications are typically done along with exams but I've passed the 12 out of the 15 whilst holding down a full time job. The only reason I left because of the redundancy. The concerns I have is starting a new job in April/ May whilst also being in exam mode could be hard. It would be difficult to go into a new role with also asking for time off to go away study. Also I am doing ACA, which I have to go to college during working hours. Any advice would be appreciated.

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