I keep talking about my ex

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Today I went to McDonald’s with my friend and she said all I do is talk about relationships and it’s true.
I broke up with my ex in October and I have realised I keep talking about him. I don’t know what to do. I feel so embarrassed and like I feel like I’ve become one of those obsessed girls. I also always watch videos and ask people for advice as to how to get over an ex and I always mention him too.

I feel really awkward and embarassed thag that’s what my friends think I am and also she said that I’m obsessed with love, but she only said that whilst she was attempting to recommend a show to me- not in a malicious way.
Just for context I am Female, 17years old
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You're not obsessed with love but simply not moved on from your ex. It'll take some time for you to get over him but the best thing you can do is distance yourself from your ex and do things that could possibly distract you. For me, I did an activity, which was baking and exercise, and I eventually got over him but it took some time. Don't worry about how your friends view you because they should understand you're not over him and should help you through this process even if it takes time. Just focus on yourself and getting over him Good luck

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