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I am afraid that someone close to me may be suffering with depression. I don't really know how severe it is as they don't talk about it much but I know it affects them on a day to day basis. They have stated their issue plainly a couple of times now but they haven't been taken seriously by anyone who could support them beyond trying to help them to "cheer up". I want to be able to help them but due to the nature of my relationship with them I don't feel as if it is my place to offer advice as if I know better than them. I think they would find this insulting and belittling and probably make the situation worse. How do I help this person get the help they need when their problems don't seem to be taken seriously by those who are in a better position to help?
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the best thing you can do is say very clearly that you're there for them, maybe pull them aside or message them privately. You don't need to relate to them to be supportive. Even if you're not very close to them, they will most likely appreciate knowing that they have someone to talk to. When talking to them you don't need to say much other then saying you're available to talk to and you'll be there for them. if you don't feel comfortable talking to them alternatively you could go to someone else like a parent or something else, this may feel like 'wrong' but its quite the opposite.

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