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I’m currently a year 1 physio student in the UK,i came here from a foreign country but i dont think it suits me,everyone seems excited about the lessons and everything but I’m not having it at all,i think i came the wrong path but there is not something else i have interest in ,and in addition to that i told my father that i didnt like it and his reaction was a bit bad,telling me about all the money he has spent to sent me to another country and told me that there is 2 years left so i have to finish.In addition to that i think I’m one of the lowest in the class,i have border line passed all my exams expect one that i have to retake.Honestly i dont know what to do and I’m afraid of changing to something else or dropping out but i think thats not an option for me cause my parents expect a lot from me since I’m an only child.My exams are coming soon and I’ve been stressed cause I can’t have the motivation to actual study stuff i find boring.
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Speaking to one of your unis mental health counsellors would probably do a lot with helping you to cope with the stress you're going through right now. Otherwise perhaps look into transferring to a different course at your uni that you think you'd be more interested in? (Even though you claim there's nothing else you’re interested in) If you aren't into academia maybe need to look into career options?

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