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I have started doing my dofe gold expedition.....and here is the issue.

Back in October 2019, I and other participants in my year group were told that there is a training expedition in Brecons Beacons from 4th-6th October. This date coincidently concided with a programme that had my compulsory attendance that I had to attend to. So I spoke to my Gold Dofe Leader/ one of the Senior Managers and he agreed that I can not attend.

Now, coming to the present, back in late Decemeber/ Early Janaury, I arranged and organised all the meeting for my UK Gold Dofe Expedition Team. So, in late January/Earl February, my gold dofe leader propsed a date which was in late march. Now, this date is suprisingly a week before going on the required practice expedition which is in the 4-6th April weekend?

I spoke to my gold dofe leader and mentioned that I can not come to this dates, because it is impractical to have to go a week before and there will be mental exhaustion; he agreed and said it was fine.

In the meantime, this supervisor, started saying I have to defer my application and i have to come to that date only, several times, persuading me to do something which I was not available in.

I spoke to my gold dofe leader and explained and said that why is this supervisor telling me to do something to which I am not available on and to which we both mutually agreed.

I also said that as long as I can demonstrate to the supervisors, that I satisfy with one of the 20 conditions according to the gold dofe expedition rules, then that is fine and if I need any extra help and training, I can go on a fuirther expedition with the Silver dofe groups in May to practise more in the wild country side.

BTW- I have completed my Silver and Bronze Expedition in 3 consecutive years, so I also have experience.

While this was going on, this supervisor kept messaging on the goldd dofe whatsapp group, I have to defer my application, defer it......having already explained to him and most importantly to the gold dofe manager, I decided that this had to stop once it for all this confusion and annoyance towards me.

So I spoke to my gold dofe leader again and mentioned what his actions were doing.......this suopervisor at this time was still carrying on saying the same thing.

I then talked about this issue/problem to the senior managers of the school.

They suggested that they will speak to the gold dofe manager and sort this out and also took my complaint against this supervisor who was pestering me.

I do not know what will happen....and I do not want to delay and defer my application...although I understand that the training aspect is neccesary before going on the expedition.....in a way, by going to the required expedition in 4-7th april I will nevertheless catch up and learn and referesh my navigation skills.

Can someone suggest to me what should I do if this supervisor brings the situation out of hands and gets on my nerves?

Will my gold dofe leader and the senior managers allow me to go on the practice expedition and not defer my application for so lonjg?

The longer, I defer my application..the more time I have to spend on this section to be finished.

While I understand, that gold dofe is a big step up, I do not want to delay my practice expedition as I will have less time next year and the years on, till i am 25.
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Hi, I'm not sure I followed your whole post so correct me if I'm wrong: You are unable to attend your practice expedition so you may have to defer your qualifying expedition?

I'm afraid to say that the practice expedition is an important part of the award so you really do need to do one. Can you find a private expedition provider to do the practice?

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