Applying for an Aerospace Eng. MSc in Coventry but getting bad feedback

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I've been looking into studying abroad and the first and most promising option I had so far was Coventry U because of education fairs in my country (Portugal).
Yet today I asked about what to look out for when applying and from the few that responded one told me to look somewhere else and another told me to run.
I finished my degree with 13 which accumulate to 180 ECTS.
I did a quick course with Education First which granted me level C1 in English and 16 in high school.
The course is £9200 with an additional £4000 if I choose which to have a work placement there.
Am I right to apply to this university? Should I be looking for other options and if so, what are they?
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Hi, I'm so sorry it's taken a while to get a response to your query, but I would really recommend applying to study at Coventry, or at least coming to have a good look around (I know that might be difficult for you to travel to Portugal, especially at the moment). Of course, choosing where to study is based heavily on your gut feeling!

For me, the major advantages of studying here would be:

1) No hidden costs! Of course you'll have to pay tuition but you'll get any equipment and books you need provided for free. For me, especially, I've felt that my money's been spent on helping me to advance.

2) Super supportive staff! Alongside our large lectures (usually 2hrs per 10 credit module per week) but we also have tutorials in small groups of up to 30 (1hr per 10 credit module per week). On top of this, there's what we call the THETA room where every lecturer spends 2 hours a week, waiting for students like me or you to come and ask them for help. There's also the SIGMA, award-winning maths centre in the library.

3) Lastly, I think the facilities at Coventry are amazing. This is really what won me over when I was choosing where to go! The university have built two engineering buildings since 2012, costing £70m! You can have a "virtual tour" of our older buildings "high performance engineering centre" here: . I'm sure you'll be able to see there's an actual Harrier Jump Jet in the basement! Not only is this a great talking point and great to take pictures in, but it is used as a teaching tool!

If you have any other questions, we'd be happy to help!

3rd year MEng Mechanical Engineering with sandwich year

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