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I'm an international student and I am (hopefully) going to move to London for my studies in September. I wanted to ask for experiences concerning the whole accommodation issue, i.e. in first year living in uni housing but you can't rent it for the whole year. Do you go home in the summer? Did you live in student accommodation in 2nd year as well or started living in a flst with friends etc.? When you're not living close to London, how did you manage the situation with moving your stuff in the summer and whereto?

thank you in advance for your answers!
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I haven't experienced this first hand and I don't know that this is 100% true but someone told me that London is one of the best places for really flexible rent contracts so you can rent for as long as you need to and you don't need to sign up for another contract for the following year because of this flexibility.

Most of my international student friends will go home for the long holidays, especially in the summer, but you might be able to find a contract that allows you to stay all year around! Some university halls also offer this.

Many people in my uni (not a London one) will rent a house with their friends in first year, that you sign the contract for between November and March (give or take).

As I'm a home student, I often bring quite a lot of stuff back with me during the holidays, but after I moved out of halls during first year I was able to move all of my stuff into my rented house for second year, as the housing contracts usually start in July where I am.

I hope this helps a little

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