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I don’t understand the new additions in my new contract. I’m an apprentice and I work 30 hours a week.

Firstly, the new addition is that I may be made redundant at any point. I’m unsure if apprentices can be made redundant?
They’ve offered an alternative to redundancy as well which is unpaid leave for however long they determine. They’ve also said they have the right to reduce my hours. If this is correct, id be going under 30 hours a week which is what my contract states I have to work (minimum). Unless this comes under the redundancy part?

Secondly, a salary deduction. They’ve stated that at any point during my employment or upon termination the company can “deduct from my salary or from any other payment due to me in respect of my employment, any monies due from me to the company”
I also am not entirely sure what this means either.

I was given it today and haven’t really been given enough notice. I don’t want to ask them about what these things mean yet as I’m worried I’ll just be pressured into signing it regardless. I’d just like a bit more explanation on the legalities of it and what they’re actually proposing. Thank you.
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Contact the college/organisation running your apprenticeship and ask them about it.

re: your second point they're saying that in the event that you cause damage to company owned property or similar they reserve the right to deduct the cost of this from your wages. Be aware that this can't take you below minimum wage however.
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to your first query, yes

to your second query, means that if you owe them money, your employer can take it out of the pay owed to you (your paycheck). i don't know what you'd possibly owe them, but it's pretty standard and only permitted if your employer follows the rules of your written contract.

ps good for you to actually read it(!) and don't be afraid to ask your employer to explain. if they are reluctant to explain the terms of your contract, do you really want to work for them?

(also moved your thread to the Apprenticeships forum.)

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