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Hi there,

So here’s 5 points about our BSc Sports and Exercise Science undergraduate course.

1. The course is studied in our new Health Science Building with state of the art facilities including; a 25 meter sprint track in a state of the art biomechanics laboratory, physiology teaching laboratories and dedicated research space, all with new equipment.

2. Students can make use of ultra-modern equipment; where they can learn to conduct complete physiological, psychological and biomechanical profile of human subjects using breath by breath expired gas analysis, blood analysis, body composition analysis (via the BodPod or DEXA), eye- tracking, electromyography and motion capture to name but a few.

3. Students put their academic knowledge from the lectures into practice in the sports laboratories twice a week, gaining valuable “hands on” experience that’s invaluable when applying for jobs.

4. There are opportunities for placements and internships with external companies or sports teams, again, gaining valuable work experience putting the academic knowledge into practice.

5. You will leave with the skills to become a sports scientist working with elite performers or clinical populations, the basis to become a sports coach, or enter the teaching profession and train the next generation of sports scientists. You will be taught by tutors who are active researchers at the cutting edge of Sport & Exercise Science, and who regularly publish their work to international audiences.

Feel free to PM us if you have any queries about the course!

Fi :horse:

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