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Hi. I am a Grade 11 (year 12 student) currently doing the American curriculum. I am planning to apply for Oxford with APs, SAT subjects, and the SAT reasoning test. This May, I will be taking AP European History, AP Psychology, AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics. I will also be taking SAT Biology E and SAT Math 2 in May as well. I have already achieved a 5 in AP World History. And assume my grades to be as following, do I still have a chance in oxford?

SAT Reasoning = 1450 after 2nd take (Retake in Oct 2020 but scores come out after UCAS deadline)

SAT Essay= 3,1,3 (Retake in Oct 2020 but scores come out after UCAS deadline)

SAT Subject test =
Biology 700+
Math 2 750+

AP Exams
World =5
Euro = 5
Psy =5
Macro = 5
Micro =4

After UCAS deadline in november
SAT Chem = 700+
New SAT Score that hopefully and most likely meets the requirement

GPA Unweighted =3.45
No ECA. No awards or whatsoever

I really need help especially considering the fact that my SAT score comes after UCAS deadline yet before my Oxford Admission test. (I haven't even met the minimum) I am also doing SAT chemistry in November 2020 but the score comes out in late November which is long after oxford considers my application. Please help me! I hope i still have a chance. Is it realistic for me consider Oxford as my reach school?
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Whilst I don't have masses of knowledge about the US educational system, Oxford is aware that your timetable doesn't exactly sync with theirs. I'd recommend looking at their website and finding out as much as possible, if you haven't already. https://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/unde...cations?wssl=1

And of course, you can actually get in contact with admissions tutors who can give you advice on applications etc. Whilst it is possible that you might need to apply during the next round of applications, I'd really recommend getting in touch with them to verify.


Hope this helps!

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