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Bishop Grosseteste Uni

Ive had a look at the uni guides on here but cant find any info on Bishops.
Has anyone been,at or going here who could tell me what the atmosphere etc is like?
I like Lincoln.. Im from Lincolnshire so you know.. Haha, but erm I heard that Bishop Grosseteste isn't very good but then others have said it is although mostly it's down to personal preferance but I know people who underachieved to have gone here and chose this uni as their last choice just incase they didn't get great marks. Try the original Lincoln Uni, that is better. Hope this helps!

Btw. atmosphere: Lincoln is fun, there's always something to do and is a great place for shopping- anything really!
Students in halls, University of Lincoln
University of Lincoln
bishop grot is small HEI which used to be mainly primary school teacher training ,looking at their website they still are pretty small and focused on that kind of area of study

cutie pie - 'the original lincoln HEI ' is bishop grot , the university is very very very new in terms of HEIs even if you count the hull poly ancestry...
Hey, I've got BG as my firm uni choice for a deffered entry. I've only been a couple of times and so can't give you that much information on it, but my friends brother has just graduated from there and says that he loved the time he spent there. It's a pretty small university and is mainly for students who want to become teachers, and if you want to be a teacher it's a very good place to go to. My head of sixth form recomended it to me when she heard i wanted to become a teacher.

Atmosphere wise, when i went, it felt very friendly, probably because of the small size. I would definatly recomend going to have a look if you're wanting to become a teacher.

Hope that helps :biggrin:
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Yeah thats helped loads thanks:biggrin:
I wanted to do education studies with geography so it sounds like the right place to go.
Glad i could help :biggrin: lol

What year are you go to be applying for? I might see you there lol.
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lol Im applying in september for 2009/10
What are you thinking of studying?
I'm doing Science and Education, so long as i get the grades, and i'm doing a gap year in between now and then.

The education part seems really good, 'cus you get to do work experience in local schools and get hands on experience like.
I went to the open day in June and was really impressed. If you want to do an education course or primary teaching course then it's ideal. Small campus, very friendly and unlike some a very well organised open day. Not sure whether it's gonna be my firm or insurance choice yet but it's between that and York St John which I also liked.
Definitely try and make their next open day if you can.
BG is a gud uni for teaching, im doin primary ed at the mo...
It is a damn small uni tho i think my course is the most popular n there is oni 81 of us... the majority of BG students are studying teaching or drama.
The night life is decent nothin 2 rave about however.
everyone is realli friendly n you see a lot of lincoln uni people out and about and get to know them too.

Good points: Small, friendly, nice city, damn gud uni.
Bad points: Connies food and fire alarms

If anyone wants any questions answering msg me :biggrin:
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I went to a open day at BG at the weekend and loved it. I want to go to a small uni so it was ideal and everyone was really friendly. I am hoping to do Education and History. But I was wondering how hard it is to get on to to PGCE course afterwards.