It it ok to fit thick new brake pads onto old/brittle discs ?

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I am going on holiday to the Isle Of Wight on Monday which is about a 6 hour drive there, 6 hour drive back and driving around during the holiday we will drive about 1,200 miles
the front brake pads were very thin and the discs have a lip on them, I really wanted to change the idscs and pads before the holiday but the caliper bolts are so tight and also rounded, I need a rounded off bolt tool but that won't come on time fro mwhere I'd purchase it from.

I ended up changing the brake pads and I will do the discs after I return from holiday as I will have mroe time then.

I have driven almost 60k miles and the front pads/discs had never been changed so have covered at least 60,000 miles, but the pads were changed today not the discs though.

is it ok to fit the new thick pads onto the old scored brake discs or will it weaken damamge the disc ? I will be changing the discs when I get home form holiday it is just emporarily as I don't have time to wait ordering the parts to remove the bolts e.t.c.

thank you

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