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Does anyone have any perceptive contextual points and useful quotes representing specific themes in; an inspector calls, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde , Romeo & Juliet ?
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A different point of perspective is that Juliet could be in love with the idea of being in a relationship and rebelling against her parents instead of actually being in love? Shown in line 54 “Sweet, sweet, sweet Nurse” This repetition highlights how young Juliet is as she is trying to be nice to persuade the Nurse to tell her what news she has of Romeo. She is acting up and this puts her in a negative light immaturely. This could also potentially suggest that Juliet is too young to be properly in love. This is further strengthened by the fact she follows this with “tell me, what says my love?” Normally you would be more subtle in trying to get your way but Juliet is too impatient and cannot hold back from asking. Additionally, she also loses her patience with the Nurses trivialities and expresses annoyance in Line 65 “Here’s such a coil”. This also shows her desperation for news of Romeo which could convey the message that she is smitten with Romeo and more obsessed with him than in love. Hope that helps x

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